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Health and Wellness Coaching in San Rafael

Offering Health and Wellness Programs to the San Rafael, CA community.

Have you tried losing weight with different programs but just cant seem to get any real results? Perhaps you have tried a wide range of pills, and products only to gain all of the weight right back? You’re not alone. You can visit our Health & Wellness office in Novato or we can meet you at your location or even coach remotely to meet your coaching needs.  We have plenty of options. 

Obesity is a major problem in the world and the number of sufferers continue to grow each day. Excess consumption of the wrong kinds of foods will often lead to incremental weight gain over time until it becomes a habit and a craving that is almost impossible to change.

From a lack of exercise to a sedentary lifestyle and continuous food consumption, weight gain occurs as a combination of a number of factors.

Topics Covered:

  • Health & Longevity Coaching
  • Shopping, Meal Prep and Nutrition Coaching
  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Sleep, Rest, Recovery Coaching
  • Women's Health Coaching
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching
  • Middle School Student Health Coaching
  • High School Student Health Coaching
  • Fitness and Strength Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

At Novato Health, we bring people from all over Marin a wide range of powerful and effective health support. We have a team of professionals ready to work with you and bring you the exact advice you need to live better.

Have a problem with staying committed to a healthy routine? Leave that to our coaches to help you take charge and find your path. 

You can visit our Health & Wellness office in Novato, meet with a Health Coach and get a feel for our programs. Our number one goal is to ensure that every client satisfies his/her wellness needs. Text or Call: (707) 812-5167

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