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Functional Health Coach

Nicole Barnes

Nicole is the Passionate Coach with a zest for life. Nicole's passion for health is contagious and sharing her passion with others is where she finds personal fulfillment.

Health has been a part of Nicole's life from a young age. Some of Nicole' s earliest memories were of sitting in the back of her mom's aerobic class watching people workout. Growing up with the knowledge and practice of nutrition and exercise gave Nicole tremendous self esteem.

Reflecting back on her college days Nicole was grateful to be confident in her own skin. She appreciated this so much that she decided to dedicate her life to helping others find out what they were capable of and developing their own confidence.

Nicole is very empathetic and nurturing. Perhaps because of her many roles in life the one that she takes the most pride in is being a mother. Nicole enjoys working with those who are brand new to the world of health and not sure where to start.

If you feel nervous, confused, and maybe even vulnerable Nicole is the coach for you. Her approach is direct but soft, and strong yet compassionate. Health and its factors can seem intimidating and complicated but Nicole endeavors to make health accessible by drawing on the strengths you carry inside of yourself.

Nicole's approach brings simplicity to nutrition, exercise, and other areas that you may need to be your best self.

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