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Michael Crespo

Coach Michael Crespo is the believer. Many see Michael's radiant optimism and wonder where that and his child-like belief in others comes from. The belief and the optimism come from his life experience, specifically experiencing the amazing things that are possible. 

Michael comes from a family that suffers from chronic illnesses. His mother alone battles rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Her ability to manage her diseases and strength have been a source of inspiration for Michael to help others in finding their own strength.

Michael spent the majority of his life obese before finding CrossFit and adopting a healthy lifestyle. During his teenage years Michael struggled with low self esteem and a general feeling of despair. In his twenties Michael began working at a non-profit organization that specialized in rehabilitating chemically dependent criminal offenders. Michael adopted a new identity in being of service to others which led to his own personal growth and transformation. Michael realized then that his calling was to help others awaken to what was possible for them.

Michael had plans to become a drug and alcohol counselor but one belief that grew out of his experiences steered him on a different course. Michael believes that while we may all have the same fundamental needs as human beings, each of us brings our own unique story, traumas, and triumphs to the table. Thus the approach that he takes with clients is one that is open, accepting, and compassionate.

Due to the experiences that Michael has passed through in his own life, he believes that each person has their own inner strengths. Once he gets to know them Michael's job is to help his clients see it for themselves. This is the only way that they will be successful and have long term success with their goals. Michael calls himself "The Connected Coach" because his job is to help others connect with themselves to achieve the goals that are planted in their hearts.

Michael specializes in working with those who are tired of living less than they believe they are capable of. If you have an inkling of a desire to make change, contact him for a free introductory session where you can meet and determine if working together would be an appropriate fit.

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