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Kelly Morlock

My name is Kelly Morlock and I help individuals discover their inner motivation to find a diet that is right for them, create a positive self-image and formulate sustainable habits so they can lead their healthiest lifestyle.

My passion for health began when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I discovered how a whole foods nutrient dense diet can play a role in managing a chronic and hereditary condition. Over the years I transitioned through various nutritional strategies based on what my life goals were at the time. After abandoning a traditional Western diet completely, I moved through various versions of a Paleo style template. As a competitive athlete I learned to eat for performance and now I fuel my body for life with a healthy nutritional balance.

I believe that all of us have the ability to feel GOOD but often just don’t know how. Many people unknowingly place both physical and mental stress on themselves daily. They think they are doing “all the right things,” but are feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, and generally unhappy. We live in a world where the spectrum of health information is broad and opinionated. People are overwhelmed with information and will grasp at anything thinking it will work for them, but the reality is that health is very personal. With the support of my health coaching we explore and discover what is right for you.

Once we have the knowledge then implementation is built through self awareness. When days are filled with negative thoughts and a lack of self-love, it is easy to lose sight of what is possible. A shifting of mindset can help strengthen your ability to draw out the positive instead of focusing on “what’s wrong” in our lives. When you begin to appreciate yourself for the strengths that you have, it becomes easier to keep moving forward through the stages of your health journey.

As a Health Coach I have the goal that every client finds consistency in their nutrition, efficiency in their fitness, and ultimately happy with who they see in the mirror. When we develop awareness of our needs, and create habits to support them, living a healthy lifestyle becomes both sustainable and rewarding. I am here to support those who are ready for, or even contemplating change in taking steps toward achievable progress.

As a working mom I am sensitive to just how busy we all can be but also believe that prioritizing your health is not a luxury but a necessity. If we want to experience our best life possible, we first need to be the best version of ourselves. Together, we can develop the blueprint that builds the foundation for healthy energetic living.

One Day or Day One. You Decide.

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