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Pregnancy, Postpartum Athleticism, and Functional Health Coach

Gilly McGraw Boyd

Gillian began her life-long love of athletics and fitness at an early age, playing soccer and volleyball and coaching sports summer camps. She played NCAA volleyball at UC Santa Cruz, graduating in 2007 with a BA in Biology. After College, Gillian began taking CrossFit classes at CrossFit Santa Cruz, the original CrossFit Affiliate. In 2010, she obtained her CrossFit Level 1 Certification and began coaching at CFSC. In 2011, she moved to Marin with her now husband, Cory Boyd, and began coaching at CrossFit Novato. Here she was able to pursue continuing education including certifications in CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Weightlifting.

In her 20's, she began taking CrossFit classes as a way to stay fit. She absolutely fell in love with feeling strong and the CrossFit community taught her to eat well to fuel her body and to appreciate her "bigger" size. She began to develop a healthier relationship with food and started appreciating her body and let go of all the shame and guilt of her high school and college days. 
In her early 30's and no longer competing in CrossFit, she faced a new challenge: Pregnancy, Postpartum Recovery, and Parenthood. These three things rocked her world, and she scrambled to find herself again post-baby. The pressure to lose the "baby weight" as fast as possible felt wrong and she felt disconnected with herself, her son and her husband. That's when she found Brianna Battles and the Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coaches Certification. Learning all about Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness considerations made her not only a better coach, but a more-well rounded athlete herself. She also learned to be kinder to her new Mom-self and to be patient with all the new changes she was going through. 
Fast forward another year and she began the process to become an ADAPT Certified Health Coach to be better equipped to help others find their true health, wellness and happiness. Becoming a health coach has been the single most rewarding experience of her career, and has changed her personal life drastically. She now understands that true health and wellness looks different for every person and that fitness isn't the end-all be-all that she used to think it was. 
Gillian believes in a holistic approach to waking up to your health, with a big focus on your relationship with YOURSELF. Gillian specializes in working with women who want to heal their relationship with food, find balance in their life, and find their potential. Whether you are a woman struggling with fertility, a pregnant woman hoping to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, or a postpartum momma (which is forever!) looking to find her way back to herself, Gillian provides a safe, non-judgmental space for your to explore whats possible for you. 
If you are interested in working with Gilly, please reach out to schedule a FREE 30-min Introductory session where you can meet and determine if you are a good fit. 

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