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Owner, CF-L1 Trainer, Functional Health Coach

Andy Boone

Andy's approach to health and fitness has evolved over the past several years. His passion for  teaching and supporting others in healthy living has developed beyond what was always a fitness-first prescription.

Andy believes connecting with our own individual health and maximizing our living potential begins with first noticing our thoughts, feelings, and the stories we tell ourselves. Our best health and life begin with a simple question. How do I want to show-up in this great game?


Andy believes that our thoughts and feelings are the greatest predictor of our physiology. One’s willingness to really consider the above question marks the beginning of waking up to our human potential. It marks the beginning of building a relationship with ourselves and often finding ways to let go of mistakes from our past. Helping people begin to understand what’s influencing how we think and feel is the critical first step to healthy living.  This realization can take many forms.

Andy earned his undergraduate degree from UC Davis and holds a Masters in Education. He and his family pictured above own two CrossFit gyms in Novato, CA and are proud to launch Healthcoachmarin.com and Equipsports.org in the community they call home.

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